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Towards a Resilient Workforce

With the rise of geographically dispersed teams working in hybrid environments, how do we sustain human connection and keep motivation levels high? A growing number of employees feel overwhelmed, bored or burned out. Now more important than ever, having a proactive and preventative approach to wellbeing can be fundamental to the overall health of your employees.


By placing wellbeing at the heart of our conversations around culture, performance, and strategy, we strengthen wellbeing for all, building high performing resilient organizations. Resilient Running helps you to empower your employees to develop flexible, resilient minds through outdoor mindset coaching and training. The result, a resilient and vital workforce: Ready for whatever comes next! 


What your employees experience


  • Finding the right work/ life balance in a hybrid environment

  • Feeling connected in a remote working environment

  • Managing stress and anxiety in a high pressure environment

  • Staying positive during these uncertain times

  • Finding true meaning and significance in life and work


  • Develop mental strength and enhanced clarity of mind

  • Release limiting beliefs and fears

  • Reduce stress and feel more in control

  • Increase in resiliency and adaptability in times of challenge or change

  • Experience an overall greater level of wellbeing and happiness


Why you want to invest

  • Attract and retain top talent for your organization 

  • Prevent and recovery of burnout/ long term sick leave

  • Enhanced productivity leading to sustained business performance

  • Become a great place to work investing in wellbeing of your employees


Our Philosophy

Our Values and Beliefs


Our Methodology

Our Principles and Approach


Our Offering

Our Programs and Courses

How we can help you build a resilient workforce

Our Resilient Mind Philosophy

Backed by our core values, we believe that when you have developed your mental, emotional, social and physical resilience, you are able to overcome life's challenges with greater ease and bounce back stronger. We define resilience as our ability to successfully cope with, adapt to, or deal with adversities and persevere in the face of challenges, which we will all face in life.

Our 5 core values

  1. WE ARE OUR AUTHENTIC SELVES. What you see is what you get.

  2. WE FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE. What we give our attention to, grows.

  3. WE BELIEVE NO HUMAN IS LIMITED. Effort and attitude determines everything.

  4. WE BELIEVE NO GUTS, NO GLORY. Always choose courage over comfort.

  5. WE OWN IT AND PERSEVERE. We push through, no matter what.

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Our Resilient Mind Coaching Methodology

We believe that any human is capable of so much more than they can think of. Often, our limiting beliefs are holding us back from making the important decisions in life. We believe that all humans have all the answers to questions already, but sometimes, due to circumstance, it's just hard to see things in perspective. Through our unique outdoor experience, we enable your employees to increase their self awareness and provide them with tools that enable them to strengthen their resilience and bounce back stronger. Inspired by the latest research and insights from thought leaders such as Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset), Martin Seligman (Positive Psychology) and Brene Brown (Daring to Lead), our programs are based on a clear set of values and principles.

What makes our program unique: Resilient Minds are built in Nature

Nature has a relaxing influence on the body and mind, it supports the prevention and recovery of stress and burnout. By running/walking and talking at the same time you put your mind and body to work, and you activate both your rational, analytical left side of your brain and the emotional and creative right side. This contributes to gaining deeper, more valuable insights and emotions.

In the outdoors, you can get away from everyday worries and reconnect with what is really important to you. Nature gives you new inspiration, energy and strength to tackle your problems and set new intentions for actions. The coach and coachee use a wide variety of objects, landscapes and even changes in weather in creative ways.

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Our Resilient Mind Coaching Program

Whilst the full 5-course program provides the richest experience, the modules can also be taken as a standalone or combined. 


Who am i?

  • Values & beliefs

  • Purpose

  • Authenticity





How do i get there?

  • Meaningful goal setting

  • Redefining success

  • Growth mindset




How to never give up?

  • Understand resistance

  • Accepting reality

  • Dealing with discomfort




What do i want?

  • Positive thinking

  • Strengths

  • Flow




How to tackle barriers?

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Developing self compassion

  • Dare to lead




How to deal with stress and anxiety?

  • Stress reduction

  • Energy management

  • Boundary setting


 extra   MODULE 

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Practical information Resilient Mind Coaching Program

Prior to the start of the program

Prior to the start of the program, we conduct a 30 minute intake conversation.

The goal of this intake is to get to know each other, explore if there's a mutual click.

Next, it allows the coachee to elaborate on the topics and challenges that he/she wants to be coached on.


After each session

After each coaching session, the coachee leaves with a clear action item geared

towards making progress against the pre-defined goal.


Duration and location

Every session lasts approximately 90 minutes and takes place on a location in consultation with the coachee.

This can be a park or forest close to the (home)office.



The costs for the full program are € 499,- excl. VAT

Costs per module are € 105,- excl. VAT 


Invest in your team development and experience a
Mindful Walk® Clinic and boost your team spirit!  

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